Indiana, Michigan and Ohio's Premiere Sport Compact Racing Tour

Vores Compact Touring Series


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Vores Compact Touring Series News & Announcements


Record Setting Vores Cup Set To Run

The largest front wheel drive stock car race in Indiana history is just 10 days away, as the stars and cars of the Vores Compact Touring S...

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VCTS Sets Entry New Record

Officials from the Vore's Compact Touring Series announced today that the pre-paid entry list has surpassed 60 cars, guaranteeing a full N...

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Combined VCTS Schedule


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Points & Purses

VCTS is the premiere Front Wheel Drive / Compact Racing series in the country, and to that end, we are hoping you'll find our purse and po...

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Restrictor Info

Internal Combustion engines works on a basic principle, mix air and gas, compress, and ignite. The resulting explosion drives the piston,...

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2014 VCTS North & South Rules

DOWNLOAD .PDF COPY OF RULES  (CLICK HERE) ----- GENERAL RULES: The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provi...

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